Thursday, May 23, 2013

!!!Great Things Are Coming!!!


 I was trying to keep this in for so long but I'm so excited to announce that there are big changes coming! Recently I got together with Lauren from The Perfect Pair Designs and she is working on my new blog. I've seen the mock up and it looks awesome! So not sure when but soon, you'll be seeing me under a new layout and NAME!

Why the change though, you ask. Well...

It really has to do with all the up and coming events in my life, it was time to take it in a whole new direction. I have a new baby Boy on the way, I have a my oldest starting school, and we are going to be living as a divided family for a while since Dad is being sent overseas.

So be on the lookout and I hope you guys will continue to join me on this blogging journey. Muah!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Simple Things: Family Outings


 Thank goodness for the perfect weather this weekend because the kids were losing their minds being cooped up with Mommy this week. I just hit the big 22 week mark with baby #3 but I feel like I'm already hitting those finally few weeks of the third trimester. Plus our little baby boy loves to nestle that little noggin' right into my sciatic nerve and/or my hip joints, making movement a little less than fun. Unfortunately, our soon to be 5 and 3 year old daughters aren't really understanding why our outings have dwindled, just that Mommy is always tired or cranky.

Luckily the hubs and I got to sitting down and talking about the last few weeks that he'll be with us. Right on the spot he suggested we make it an outdoors only Saturday (which I LOVE).

So Saturday morning we got the girls up, had a nice family breakfast, got our beach gear, slathered our rather pigmented challenged bodies with sunscreen, and headed out to our favorite spots in San Diego.

First stop, a little pizza lunch at Pizza Port (a local restaurant and brewery). If your not from San Diego but come and visit, I highly recommend it. The pizza and hot wings are great. Speaking of hot wings, I found out that our son is a huge fan of them. Apparently it was a craving that I didn't know of and now can't seem to shake. Luckily we have a Buffalo Wild Wings in town.

After stuffing our faces and letting the kids hang out in the arcade for a bit, we set off for favorite spot near Solana Beach. Most weekends it's pretty quiet and even quieter during the weekdays. What's really cool, during low tide you can catch some of the miniature sea life on the beach (mostly crabs and small anemones). Here's just a few pictures from our visit.

I'd say overall it was a nice, relaxing, hot wing craving inducing day.

Hope you all had a great weekend or are planning on doing something fun with your loved one(s).

Until next post...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Destined for Failure or Just Destined?

So who's got two thumbs and is up at 10:38pm doing laundry because the husband is sick and her four year old has far too much resilience? You got it, this Mom.

Actually that's a lie because I gave up on laundry to watch New Girl and blog instead. It was just funny that the last two episodes of the season happen to revolve around my two favorite characters of the show and their budding relationship. It also got me thinking back to the awkward beginnings of my relationship with my best friend who I now have called my husband for 8 years now.

To be honest, I can still remember our mutual coworkers and friends either trying to bring us together or determined to talk us out of it, much like the room mates Schmidt and Winston. Either one side was trying to convince us that things couldn't work out because we were too different from one another. But others said when we were together, they'd never seen two people so comfortable with one another. Was it destined or just destined for failure?