About Me

Hi I'm Lisa.

I was born and lived in Los Angeles for the first 22 years of my existence in this world. I lived, loved, hated, and dealt with the LA lifestyle with many of my close friends and family.

Then one day, I met my best friend Brian while working my first and last crappy retail job. He would end up changing everything.

Fast forward two years of hell later...
He broke the news to me her was joining the Marines. Needless to say I was a bit against it but I told him I would support him 100%. Secretly for years I'd been crushing on this man, so how was I not going to be supportive.

Finally the day came and he quit. What happened next, I never saw coming. For years I failed to see that he had always had a very different plan in mind for us. So, he asked me out...I said no...and he asked again...and I said yes. 

This was the beginning our journey together.

We got married. We were happy, then bumpy, then happy again (Marriage truly is a road of many obstacles).

Then after many failed attempts we finally found out we were going from a family of two and a couple dogs to three. Kenzie joined us one month before his first return home from a deployment. Life seemed pretty awesome, but there was way more to come.

I was a full time working Mom (even during my first pregnancy). Just as my career was taking a bigger step I found out I was pregnant again, we were thrilled of course, but the second time around pregnancy took a huge toll. 

I was battled with a lot of emotional things which I bottled from everyone, our family stress was at an all time high, my husband was deployed again, and I was juggling unreliable daycare providers for a period of time, and working full time. I finally made it to my 39 weeks, took that valuable week to prep for our new little girl to arrive but it no amount of time would have prepared me for what would happen after she came.

Paige was born a week later. I knew that day when I first saw her that something was off, even though she was the cutest baby ever, a Mom just knows.   Her first appointments went great, until  her two week check-up.  First, the referrals. Then we were assigned three specialist. At the first neurosurgeon appointment the NP called it, Craniosynistosis. A skeletal abnormality in which the skull fuses early in infants and must be correct before it causes other medical issues during development. Since that time she has undergone two reconstructive surgeries. We still have many follow-ups. This condition never goes away so we will deal with it until finally the docs say, no more.

After trying to keep up with work and juggling appointments, more deployments/trainings which tool Daddy away, and working full time my husband and I started the stay at home talk. It wasn't until an unforeseen tragedy that changed it from talk to action. 

Paige was recovering from her second reconstructive surgery when we received news that one of the little girls that our daughters went to daycare with had unexpectedly passed away. It was sudden, a stroke, not a normal thing that happens in a 23 month old but those kind of things can happen to anyone at any age. It was heartbreaking for all of us. It also shattered me. I spent a long time considering things and ultimately changed my perspective on spending time with my kids as a mother.

I quit my job (we saved and scrounged ever penny) and I became a stay at home Mom. I didn't want to miss anything anymore. Life is too short to miss things that are so precious.

We now have another little one, Austin, our son. We moved. I am now discovering the East Coast for the first time in my life. My husband is still in the military but we finally have no more deployments for a while to shake up our family life. As for myself...I'm growing and learning and trying to survive being a Mom, at home still, which is ultimately the hardest job I have ever had.

And I now blog...for me. Call it a therapy that doesn't require finding a babysitter and a hefty therapists fee.