Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quality Time: It's the Little Things...

So normally the kids and I get pretty bored with the inside of the house. Now with the prospect of a new little one in the picture it's even more important. Oh wait...I didn't mention....

Yes, as of this week, we found out the pregnancy tests came back positive.

February we'll find out how far I am. They estimated somewhere around 5 weeks.

So now with the newly needed exercise, which  was needed any way, we've decided walk every day. However, this Saturday had an added treat, Ducks!

We have a small creek on the backside of our house, near the jogging trails. With the recent rain, and snow in the mountains, we've had a pretty steady flow of water.

Saturday morning, we could hear them quacking from our bedroom windows.

Most mornings my husband goes on a run, and the kids wanted to get out as well, so I decided to get the girls dressed and walk the trail to feed the ducks. Plus, why not get some cute photos while I'm at it, right?

Back when I was a kid in Los Angeles we had two pet ducks, and I loved them. They are the best guard dogs and pets you could ask for. We built them their own pond and pen but they usually roamed our backyard freely. You can't really pen in birds that fly.

Sadly they both passed but now, when the opportunity presents itself, I love to share my love for Ducks with the girls. And on occasion I like to expose them to animals in their environment. Well as close to an environment as we can get.

Well hey opportunity, thanks for knocking...again.

We took some wheat bread from the pantry to at least give them a good treat, then headed out.

The weather was gorgeous!

The bread didn't last long, so we sat on the hill and I explained to the girls about why the ducks dig in the mud, swim, and clean themselves. They were enthralled.

Then just before we got ready to head home we ran into Daddy as he was finishing his run.

Overall, it was just a fun time with the munchkins outside.

Hopefully you got to enjoy a wonderful Saturday with the family as well. Cause, man, these little ones don't stay little forever.

Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend!

Till next posting...