Thursday, August 1, 2013

From Boobies to Bottles

Buying stuff for a new baby is hard. I know, I've already had to go through it twice before. Luckily with our second baby it turned out to be a girl like our first born, so the buying and preparation weren't as bad.

Now with our new bouncing (and I mean he literally shifts everywhere) baby boy, I've been on the hunt for some cool and fun products that won't destroy our bank account.

First on my list of must gets just happened to be a breast pump, bottles, and all the necessary accessories that go along with them. Also considering that it's National Breastfeeding Week, I decided to stay on theme. I myself am a big breastfeeding advocate, so all you breastfeeding Moms out there keep doing what your doing for the benefit of your munchkins.

The outcome of my shopping trip. Love, love, love...

If your in the market for a well priced pump, which is also easily assembled and cleaned, I would really recommend the Medela Single Breast Pump system. I am not good with assembling anything, ask my husband...but this one was actually really easy and it's not bulky, so it's easy to store. They also give you two starter bottles, storage bags and two sanitary bags for easy cleaning. I got mine on sale too for about $159.00. A dual pump set is anywhere from $269.00 to $299.00 right now.
What the set looks like after it's put together.

 I also purchased a couple fun products that Boon just released. The Grass and Twig bottle drying accessories. Back when I had my girls we just used dishtowels to dry their bottles after sanitizing them. However, that also created extra laundry. Plus the grass and "twig" look super cute on my kitchen counter without taking up a huge amount of space! The "Grass" was only $15 and the Twig was $12 but I got it for $9 on sale.


I feel so much better about getting these things off my long list of baby items has been a major weight off my shoulders. Plus it doesn't feel like my kitchen is overrun with baby stuff, although I'm sure it's coming.

So I want to know, if your shopping for baby, what are some of your favorite products that you have found? Send me a link and I'll check them out!

Until next time!