Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Scarf (T-shirt) Headband

 Hey All! So it's already Wednesday....where did the time go? Oh yeah I've been cleaning out every closet and cabinet in our home. Getting ready for the move.

Amazingly I have a billion old scarfs that I haven't seen or worn in years. But that doesn't warrant throwing them away.

However, thanks to the wonders of Pintrest I was able to find a very awesome idea on how to revamp old clothes (t-shirts to be precise) into a custom turban wrap headband. You can find the original pattern on Honeybee Vintage (her link I posted below). I highly recommend checking her out because she has some great revamp ideas for other items as well.

First I sifted through my find and pulled out a yellow scarf that I love but is way too long to wear. I'm only 5'2" so that sometimes happens.

I then ironed the material and laid it out for measuring. The original recommendation was 4"x20" but since my material wasn't as stretchy so I cut it about 4"x24". Once the pieces were cut I took one and folded it in half and pinned it along the edge. Once it was as secured as I could get it, I sewed the seam along the length of the fabric and closed one end. Then I flipped it inside out so that it looked like a tube.

I repeated the process again with the second piece then crossed them like an "X". Once they are about centered, I folded them in half so that the loops connect like a link.

Taking the ends I pinned them and attached them together doing a zigzag seam but you can also do a single stitch to link them together. If you sew your finished product will probably cleaner than mine was. I'm getting a little better though.

Once you are done attaching the piece turn the sewn seams in and you now have a brand new headband.

 Hope you enjoyed this DIY. It was super easy and doesn't take much time. I'm now off to the park to have some fun with the kiddos!

Until next time...