Monday, January 7, 2013

New Name!

Well I know I mentioned Friday that after doing a little research I found another blogger called The Knitted Owl. I was a major sad panda.

Even though the account has been inactive since 2011, I am no copy cat. I wouldn't appreciate it and I'm certain that person wouldn't be too happy about it either.

I had been considering a shop name for a while now and after talking with my hubby for a few days it finally clicked. So I would like to introduce my new name, The Owl & The Olive.

In a few days I'm hoping to start shooting some pictures of my custom art and knitting and will be up for order or just plain viewing within the next month. I will also be trying to post as often as I can so I can get better aquainted with the blogging community.

I also hate to ask, but I've been advised it's for the best, to please share my blog with others. I also love, love, love comments to tell me how I'm doing. Any input is welcome so that I can learn from all this. Consider it my education in the blogging world.

Thank you all again who have supported me!

Until next time....