Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How We Do Father's Day: Overseas Style

Oh yea I know I'm way late on posting this, but since my daughters refuse to let me take a nap to recoup from my heartburn ridden night, I decided to finally get this done.

So this past Sunday was Father's Day! For us it was bitter sweet though, especially for the DH. He has only been in Japan a few weeks and just received his mailing address, so there was no time to put anything together and send it off to him in time. Usually we get him a care package with fun stuff inside, with lots of pictures and treats. Sadly, we couldn't this year because it just didn't work out. I talked to him the night before (Daddy Day for him there already) and he said he was just trying to treat it as another day. Well that wasn't going to fly for me. Originally we had made him some signs to show him on Skye, which we did, but I wanted to do something even more special. So, that night, the girls and I made a map, signs, then headed out on Father's Day around LA to shoot him a video, with the help of my cousins of course. He got it a day late but he loved our little "cinema" and now I'm here to share our video with you. Here's what we did for our #1 Dad:

Even when the seas separate you, there's no reason that the day can't be made special on the holidays for your loved one(s).

So now I want to know, did you make the big "D" day special for the "Dad" in your life? And yes I'm referring to all those who we call Dad, biological or not, the single Mom's on double duty, and even the Fur Baby Daddies out there.

Until next post,