Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Baby is 5!

Oh man, when did this happen? How could this already be? It all just went by WAY too fast!
As usual making those lovely face, my daughter K.
 To think back at 6pm, one year ago, her little cry would forever change my world. My first daughter was born! After 9 months of planning and preparing, and although four days early, she was finally with us. Well with me and my friend/co-worker. She stepped in as my birth coach while my husband was deployed in Iraq. He luckily called just in time to hear our brand new baby's first cry, back then all we had were satellite phones.

I will also never forget my friend screaming at the top of her lungs and jumping up and down with my leg in her hand, "I see the HEAD!!!". Needless to say my nurses never forgot her.

Now fast forward 5 years later...and when I say fast forward, I mean it feels like someone took all that time in between and sped everything up to where we are now. In a few weeks she'll be starting Kindergarten. She already is picking out her own outfits and giving herself a shower (apparently baths aren't much her thing anymore). She also gets very opinionated when it comes to what she wants to eat or do. Definitely not a baby anymore.

She even chose where and what we did for her 5th birthday, which was visit  local water park near grandma and grandpa's.

 Ambushing her cousin with her boyfriend.

 My youngest daughter P, passed out only after an hour at the water park, LOL...

 Well kiddo, no matter what, your still going to be my chubby cheeked little babe that I once oo'd and ahh'd over being a brand new Mommy. Probably even when your 17 and do all the things that I did to drive my parents Mom always warned me grandkids were a parents ultimate revenge.

Happy Birthday love bug!