Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome to the new Chucks & Charlies!

Attention! Now listen up here my internet lovelies, things around here are gonna change. Nope, check that, they have changed!

A few months back I had an idea about getting this whole blog in order, and with the creative genius of Lauren from The Perfect Pair Designs, that idea became a reality this week.

So you may ask, why would I change the blog?

Well honestly, the old blog wasn't really me. I was testing the waters of this crazy world they call blogging. I had played around with it and am still learning, but, as they say, it's better to keep moving forward. Little steps eventually lead to BIG changes in the long run. And let me tell you I know a thing or two about changes...I'm a military spouse.

That's another reason I changed the blog. I wanted to openly share some aspects of how the military effects our family, especially for some of those out there who are in a position like I was. When first coming into the military life nine years ago, I had no clue about anything. I hadn't known anyone in my peer group who had been a part of any branch except my Dad. However, my Dad was a military brat and my grandfather (former Army) passed when he was 12, so even that source was way out of date to what was going on in today's military forces. It's more than just difficult because of losing the one you love to deployments, training, and other orders that come up. It's also extremely hard to find friends.

Now before I get the have you tried this and tried that speech, trust me, I have. I tried talking to girlfriends of enlisted guys, wives chats, living on base, joining battalion meetings, family events, and etc, etc., but to be honest, it's just simply difficult to find people even in the military network.

People move, change ranks, relationships fall apart, and sometimes there are the few that aren't in this type of lifestyle for the right reasons. So when it comes to making friends, you better be a pretty independent person because it can be tough to keep friends, let alone make them. Luckily with blogging it's been a lot easier meeting and keeping in touch with people. Not to mention the amount of people out there doing it is immense!

Now to be honest, it took some convincing to even start blogging in the beginning. After some pushing from a few friends and some family, I finally gave it a shot. And to be honest, I'm really glad now that I took that leap. Now it's time to make the leap worth the while and start reaching out more.

As my husband is also preparing a trip overseas I will be taking the kids on the road back and forth, from here to there. I will also be vlogging so when I just don't have the excess energy to write, you all can still see what we are up to.

Also, I have a baby on the way, which should make this craziness even more interesting. AND....don't worry, no birthing videos will be posted...I may be a T.M.I. offender but I'm not that bad.

I hope you all enjoy the new improved blog and thank you all who have shown me such great support already. I look forward to meeting many more of you out there!

Until next time...